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Whether you’re a seasoned type designer or just starting out, it can be a little daunting to start designing your 50th or 1st typeface. There are so many out there, good or bad matters not, coming up with something new is not easy. That creative mind can stare blankly at a canvas or sketchbook page, but it can also be overwhelmed with ideas. Harnessing those ideas into one well-thought-out typeface is the key and giving your creative idea some structure by restraining them with some parameters.

I found this awesome website that does exactly that. TYPECOOKER.

If my mind runs wild and I lose my train of thought with a typeface, this is exactly where I would go and calm that mind down a little. The same goes for a blank stare at a blank canvas. Before you know it, half a day is gone and I haven’t put a scribble on the paper or a dot onto canvas.

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